New Promotion for Women over 35 y.o. for Free

Here’s your chance to get a full Sephora gift box! A few simple actions required

old spice

By answering a few simple customer questions, you get a chance to receive this box full of Sephora products for free. It only takes up to 3 minutes to pass through the whole quiz, and anyone can take part.

You are already at the starting point - proceed with this page, fill out the data and wait for your reward!


old spice
author Karen Mind

I didn’t believe it’s really sooo easy. I’ve never gotten such programs, but I tried. And I’ve won this Sephora gift box without paying a single penny!

old spice
author Chris Telman

Just got my Sephora gift box. Ive passed a survey (a few simple questions in 3 mins) and got lucky! Now I turn my dressing table in the beauty salon!

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