A nationwide retailer Walmart gives its customers free $850 shopping cards. How and why?
Here’s a story of one single non-believer who ended up having $850 worth of products without paying any single penny for them.
Eddie MacTavish
Eddie MacTavish

“Never had I numbered myself among people who are always in search of some “freeload”. Can’t say I consider such things as something extremely bad, I’ve just had no luck with getting anything significant for free.

Until that tuesday

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evening I’ve been heading home from the gym, just as always when I noticed my neighbor Sam, unloading a huge amount of different products from his truck. I thought it was strange as if he has been preparing for some sort of a party. But his birthday has passed half a year ago. Maybe Sam has noticed my discombobulated look, and he decided to explain what has happened. The fact was, he has received all of these products for free , using a Walmart $850 shopping card he’s won on the internet recently.
And much to my astonishment, he wasn’t alone in his luck. Hundreds of people have obtained these gift cards, exchanging them with loads of products from Walmart. The only effort required to take part was completing a short quiz. And so I’ve decided to test my luck. The quiz has taken me about 2 minutes to pass. A short time afterwards, I received my own Walmart gift card.
Yet still, I had some uncertainty that it will actually work. But fighting my reservations, I headed straight to Walmart with my card. Later that day, I was the person unloading packs with free products from my car.”

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