Irish Spring sends product boxes to loyal clients who help make their products better
Here’s the story of a program member who has just received a product set from the Irish Spring brand:
Conor Teller
Conor Teller

I can’t claim I’m an Irish Spring fan. I’ve been using their products from time to time. That Friday night I visited my friend George at his place, we had a soccer party. While in his bathroom, I saw a vast quantity of Irish Spring products - soaps, shampoos, deodorants - all of the stuff.

I’ve asked George

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what moment did he become such a loyal Irish Spring user. And this he told me, word-to-word: “they send it to me for free, believe it or not, I run onto a promo that claimed I could get a box for finishing a quiz. So I did.”
He sent me a link for a promo, and I completed this survey myself, took me about 3 minutes. Now my own bathroom turned into storage of Irish Spring products. This program is worth trying before it’s too late.

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