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You May Qualify for Up to $6,495* in College Grants

Earning Your Degree Is Possible
If you were to qualify for a grant worth up to $6,495* a year, would that make earning your degree seem more possible and realistic? You'll be excited to learn that a wide range of federal education grants, at amounts up to $6,495*, may be available to help you do just that.

What Can You Use This Grant Money For?
Grant money can be spent on useful education-related costs like tuition, books, housing, and even child or dependent care.

Can I Use It To Go To An Online School?
The beautiful thing about this is, not only are accredited online degree programs just as credible as on-campus accredited degree programs, but they also offer a great deal of flexibility. Because of their online nature, you can fit your classwork around your job, family, and other responsibilities. With online degree programs, you may even have the option to start taking your classes whenever you're ready rather than wait for the beginning of a new semester or term.

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Schools are being continually inspected throughout the year.
Whereas most other school guides update their data only once or twice a year, or use secondary sources of data that are not themselves up to date. We refresh our data every two to four weeks directly from the source, to ensure you are equipped with the very latest, most relevant information and inspection reports. We pride ourselves on the accuracy of our data, which is down to our fastidious data processing.