Saving money for your dream vacation?
You can get it for free!
Meet Veronica, a lucky one to grab a $5000 coupon and thus win a trip to the Bahamas she has always dreamed about.
Veronica Donovan
Veronica Donovan

“This story is beyond understanding. Throughout my life, I’ve been winning coupons for free groceries, car wash, or a cup of coffee. I couldn’t imagine it’s possible to get a free $5000 vacation to a place of your choice. I’ve been dreaming of seeing the Bahamas in the summer. Saving money for 3 years. Well, I’m here now. And my savings are still safe!


It all started with a strange announcement of a promo that allows winning a coupon for up to $5000 to spend on your “dream vacation” in return for completing a quiz. The offer itself sounded nonsense to me. “Five grand for clicking a few buttons? Oh, get out!” - that’s what I’ve thought. And now I’m standing at the Bahamian beach with $0 spent on getting here. It has been sponsored.


Well, it truly was some kind of leap of fate to try it and take part in the promo. And it came off.“

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